2002 September 2 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-09-02 13:16:18)

!Yay! It took lots longer than it should have, but I have finally gotten my new Verizon PPPoE DSL link tied into the home network So, I should be able to stay a little more on top of things.

Today’s news seems to center on speculation that Bertelsmann is finally giving up the Napster ghost and on the supposed availability of the Two Towers online – 4 months before theatrical release. And a chance to help J. Zittrain and B. Edelman broaden their research sample!

AOL is going their own way in Internet music – and bringing along some big names.

And since this is MIT (and I come from Materials Science & Engineering), I can’t avoid continuing to cover this: MIT Steals Comic Book Character – there’s a little more at The Boston GlobeMIT’s soldier draws book artists’ ire.

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