2002 August 2 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-08-02 09:19:15)

Donna has challenged me to clarify the thinking behind my July 31 posting. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time to do so, but in the interim, Brad King’s report on the Cato Institute session articulates at least one key thought far better than I did.

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  • The Cato Institute brought together content providers and the technology industry to talk about digital rights, which seems to have rapidly centered in the DMCA. Lisa Bowman’s piece at CNet covers the sides that were presented, but Brad King’s article in Wired.com touches on some of what underlay my thinking in my earlier posting here. To wit:

    “To mandate a technology (solution) is to kill technology, and we should oppose that,” said Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-California), who opened the debate by voicing her concerns about the current climate in Washington. “If we allow cartels like the copyright community to adopt technology in lieu of government controls, we may end up with the same kinds of problems.”

    Mandating technology solutions, or locking down what people can do with technology, could have devastating effects on future innovation. [emphasis added]

    With luck, I’ll get some time today to work out my thoughts a little better – however, I agree with everything about the emphasized line above except the verb – it’s not could, it’s will.

  • And an article in BusinessWeek Online gets strident about Berman-Coble.