2002 July 28 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-07-28 21:37:37)

Taking a break from packing books.

Two good articles in the New York Times today. One is an interview with Shawn Fanning; the other an op-ed piece on AOL/Time-Warner. Some good observations over at Rolling Stone, and Dan Gillmor really lets it rip. Illiad does too.

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  • An interview with Shawn Fanning looks backward, and forward.
  • A discussion of the AOL/Time-Warner mess includes an interesting set of observations about the music industry and the internet.

  • An article at Rolling Stone points out that, even with organizations like Overseer trying to muck up P2P, the community is stronger – and getting more angry every day.
  • Dan Gillmor just gets more and more articulate about what he hates abour Berman-Coble – he had as bad a week as I did:

    …These are discouraging times. In the past several months, the cartel has won battle after battle in courts and legislatures, with pathetic opposition from the one industry most threatened by this trend. With few exceptions, technology companies are turning into lapdogs for Hollywood and its allies.

    The last week has been especially bleak.

  • UserFriendly picks up the alternative interpretations of what Berman-Coble might mean.