2002 July 26 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-07-26 15:28:39)

What were these two universities thinking?!? (I wonder what MIT does? TPP doesn’t do anything like this, at least.) Yale certainly seems to have abused the information they got, but Princeton was out of it to suggest that privacy could be ensured with the system they set up. (A Slashdot discussion is underway, with a comment describing the MIT process – a little more carefully constructed procedure.)

A good Foxtrot cartoon today; mod-chipping in Australia gets a boost; Edelman v. ACLU is percolating through the newswires; Wired points out that Berman-Coble protects certain music systems. Doc Searls coins a word: dysnia

Hmmmm – Apparently (at least in The Register‘s Thomas Greene’s opinion), it has suddenly dawned on Valenti that Berman’s bill cuts both ways. Personally, I’m afraid that Thomas is wishing for something that isn’t there.

Dave Winer’s take is one that everyone should get behind! His ScriptingNews log has further points.

Dan Gillmor reports that HP has put the kibosh on Bruce Perens’ plan to openly violate the DMCA. Slashdot discussion

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