2002 July 21 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-07-21 13:17:50)

Gonna be a slow day – but today’s Doonesbury is not to be missed.

And Dave Winer remains unconvinced of the utility of Palladium.

The BPDG blog at the EFF reports that Fritz Hollings is trying an end-run around the legislative process by asking the FCC to require, via regulation, implementation of the broadcast flag now. Jeremy at iRights, like a lot of us, is unimpressed. (via The Shifted Librarian)

Doc Searls and I exchanged an e-mail or two a while back – he’s pretty incensed over the CARP webcasting royalties, as this piece from his weblog might suggest. Dan Gillmor isn’t too thrilled, either. (For those of you coming late to this, his jumping off point is this shutdown announcement from KPIG, an early webcaster. – here’s the AP report at the NYTimes)

And if I get some other work done, I hope to get a bit closer to converting over to b2.