2002 July 10 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-07-10 22:16:05)

Whew! A quiet morning, after the glut of news the last two days. In fact, the only real new item so far this morning is a kuro5hin article on TCPA and Palladium by someone purported to be Microsoft insider. Plus, I get my schadenfreude hit of the day watching David Coursey try to put out his own brush fire <G>. I guess this means I need to get back to my attempt at summarizing ILaw.

Update: More on Nokia/IBM (with a quote that’ll get some people riled); AudioGalaxy; Jim Felten; and Boucher.

Later: And Donna and Don got Slashdot refs today!

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  • kuro5hin has an article describing a contributor’s views on the TCPA and Palladium. The premise: it’s not about locking out open source – not a surprising one, but a lot of interesting detail on the technology.
  • Looks like David Coursey’s masters have told him to softpedal his July 2 criticism of Palladium. His latest piece is notable mostly for its regular quoting of Microsoft, rather than anything that he says. The TalkBacks, however, are a little more pointed (and much more entertaining!).
  • Edward Felten asserts the "right to tinker" in The Economist
  • The Register‘s Andrew Orlowski describes the recent Boucher statements as a vow to pass "pigopolist legislation" – with some links to their coverage of the CPRM furor.
  • A look at the current state of AudioGalaxy at the Washington Post. (my Audiogalaxy archive)
  • More on the Nokia/IBM linkup listed yesterday. An excerpt of note:
    Scott Burnett, of IBM’s digital media group, says the idea is to prevent the “Napsterisation” of mobile devices. “The wireless world is where we can really get this right,” he told New Scientist. He says, for example, that music files could be protected so that they only play a fixed number of times.

    !Whew! Just what everyone was worrying about!

  • The ILaw Program got a Slashdot reference. Unfortunately, the Slashdot response is indicative of a common problem – hardly anyone in this community has even bothered to read Code, much less the notes from the conference. The trolling is embarassing, actually; Joe Gratz and I have posted something, but the overall community response unfortunately helps to support Larry’s pessimistic assessment of the future…….