2002 July 3 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-07-03 16:06:36)

Hi, everyone from ILaw! – Charlie Nesson is pointing you here – although feel free to look around!

Typically, the arrival of a big, ugly barge in the Charles River tells those of us at the Kendall Square end of the MIT campus that there’s a big fireworks program in the offing. Today, after leaving my home too early to get my home paper delivery, I get a new harbinger of July 4th – the elimination of all newspaper vending machines. I need my Globe fix!

Not much net news today, except for the Day 2 blogs of the ILP, which can be found below (actually there are some links!!):

So, what was Charlie Nesson up to yesterday? (I’m off to get on the T for Harvard – I’ll add my thoughts after I get to class)

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