2002 July 2 Links

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This is going to be short – Back to ILAW in a couple of minutes. To see what happened yesterday, see Dan Gillmor’s notes and Donna Wentworth’s blog. With luck, I’ll get to post some myself today (as well as list more about the links added this morning!)

Today’s session should be pretty heated – and not just because it’s supposed to break 90 degrees here today! The topic will be copyright, and there are enough representatives of the entertainment industry (e.g., TimeWarner-AOL) present who have already made it clear that Prof. Lessig’s take is diametrically opposed to their’s. Should be a great session!

“Mr Schizo” David Coursey strikes again, I see

And a GREAT article by Janis Ian turned up today!

It was a long, weird afternoon at the ILP today – Charlie Nesson pulled one of those Zen-like, nonlinear interrogatory discussions today that do challenge people to think outside of the box, provided they are willing to play along. While maybe the audience got it, I know that the collection of journalists that he pulled from the crowd didn’t really get it, and Bill Fisher really didn’t like at least one of Charlie’s tacks. I’ll try to put up what I thought happened today (think "Internet couch potato") and I’ll try to post it tomorrow!

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