2002 June 2 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-06-02 12:29:03)

Unquestionably the weirdest link of the day is the David Coursey opinion piece on TiVo. Is this is the same David Coursey who hates Napster? – either he’s taking some interesting medication, suffering from some peculiar personality disorder or is just the shallowest opinion writer in the tech sector. Personally, I’m pulling for the last option.

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  • David Coursey’s upcoming Anchordesk piece is a followup on the recent articles describing how TiVo has more control over the box than is implied by the description “digital video recorder.” (If you wonder about my confusion, see this article on Napster or this one on its companions – yet he also has strong opinions the other way – search the links on his name and see for yourself)
  • Ed Foster’s Gripe Line column in InfoWorld this week is all about the DMCA in practice, versus intent.
  • Cory Doctorow has a blog entry at Boing Boing that discusses the impact of “cam girls” on the porn industry. He then asks whether any parallels with the P2P-music industry relationship, and he points out that the “cam girl” phenonmenon is actually a throwback (or return to) one-on-one “bespoke” business sales, rather than mass media. Interesting question.
  • Doc Searls expresses his opinion on the future of TiVo and other digital video recorders in the face of the increasing realization that their goals may not be consistent with those of their users. In particular, he sees the DVR sellers as members of the broadcast media in an era where direct communication is possible, and expects that direct communication will win out.