2002 May 17 Entries

(entry last updated: 2002-05-17 22:34:18)

Nothing like starting the day with a typical ZDNet screed from David Coursey. With luck, the day will get better.
Update: Well it did for Shawn Fanning, anyway. Unfortunately, 2600 is not getting a break. And Declan McCullagh is not a happy camper.

Off for a bike ride – maybe I’ll get some time to work on this more later……

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  • A truly shallow contrarian view of the pending ultimate demise of Napster is online at ZDNet Anchordesk. Given that many of us believe that Coursey’s editorials are usually consequences of his ability to channel the evil side of Bill Gates, it’s clear that his skills are broader than that – here he channels the worst of Hilary Rosen and Jack Valenti in what has to be the most limited summary of the issue online yet.

  • Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the CARP webcasting royalties proposal. The website gives the testimony of the head of the RIAA, a representative of DiMA, Arbitron and several webcasters. Worth slogging through to see the current status of the debate. And there’s more information, though little discussion, on Slashdot.
  • Declan McCullagh reports that 2600’s appeal was declined without review by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. All that’s left is the Supreme Court – otherwise, linking to DeCSS will get you in really hot water.
  • Bertelsmann buys Napster – how many lives is that now? Slashdot chimes in
  • Declan McCullagh writes in Wired.com how, notwithstanding the controversies that seem to consume him, the DMCA is still largely seen as a great bill within the Beltway. And he’s pretty nasty about it.