2002 May 15 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-05-15 22:09:48)

Most of what I found today consists of followups to earlier postings. The advantages (or disadvantages) of being in the office late at night, I guess. Update: The clear big news of the day is the breakdown of the BMG/Napster discussions, and the eulogies for the apparently soon-defunct Napster.

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  • An early article and a more detailed followup on Napster from the New York Times – and there’s a Slashdot discussion that’s started up. And GrepLaw has some other links on the subject.
  • The Register has a discussion with an Apple exec that includes a discussion of the implications of the controversial Microsoft licensing scheme for Apple’s OS X plans.
  • ZDNet News reports that Sony is going to use Scour’s services to distribute music online – a company that many, including Sony sued into near-bankruptcy in the past. Is a pattern emerging, or am I just the suspicious sort?
  • GrepLaw has more information on the Runner’s World deep-linking controversy (in yesterday’s links).
  • Brad King gives the history and consequences of Napster in his online obituary at Wired.com – The Slashdot community weighs in, too.
  • EPIC joins the SonicBlue case on privacy grounds.
  • Slashdot has an interview of Siva Viadhaynathan (author of Copyrights and Copywrongs).
  • Fortune has an article on the current contretemps between Hollywood and Silicon Valley that inspired the CBDTPA. It misses the point almost completely, but it does show the depth of feeling on both sides. But, maybe that’s all you can expect of Fortune.
  • Late News: The order requiring SonicBlue to spy on their ReplayTV customers stemming from the current legal action was stayed this afternoon. There’s a discussion at Slashdot.