Information and Decision Systems; MIB ENPC
January, 2003

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(NOTE: This page will continue to be updated, and problem sets refined up to the start of class)
Monday Introduction and Course Overview  
January 20 Linear Programming  See also Chapter 5, Applied Systems Analysis
  Sensitivity Analysis  See also Chapter 6, Applied Systems Analysis
  Excel & Solver PS #1 Assigned (basic LP)
Tuesday Problem Session PS #1 Reviewed
  Linear Programming in Practice  
  Problem Session PS #2 Assigned (LP Sensitivity Analysis)
  Problem Discussion PS #2 Reviewed
Wednesday Decision Analysis  See also Chapter 16, Applied Systems Analysis
  Value of Information  See also Chapter 15 and 17, Applied Systems Analysis
  Treeplan (tree_int.xla)  
  Problem Session PS #4 Assigned (decision trees)
Thursday Problem Session PS #4 Reviewed
  Regression Analysis  
  Statistical Assessment  
  Excel & Regression PS #6 Assigned (regression) data set
Friday Problem Session PS #6 Reviewed
  Technical Cost Modeling  
  Project Assignment  
  Working Session/Examples