Information & Decision Systems - Course Materials
ENPC, Delhi, India, 2003

Dynamic Strategic Planning/Analysis of Value -- Course Design

To better prepare you for the course, we would like you to read and prepare the assignment outlined below.

A complete set of course materials will be available electronically, constituting all the textual material necessary for both parts of the two-course sequence. Further, we also recommend that the students have access to Applied Systems Analysis: Engineering Planning and Technology Management by Richard de Neufville. Please note that, as this book is presently out of print, the author has allowed us to prepare electronic reproductions of the appropriate chapters, which are accessible to all students in the class. We suggest that the students read  Chapter 16 & Chapters 18-20, with the expectation that the course will cover this material in greater detail.

As a course in methods, there will be substantial reliance upon computer tools, particularly spreadsheets. Please plan on using available computer facilities, and bring a laptop if you have one available -- particularly for the case study. Furthermore, there will be exercises assigned before the first class session which will be due either electronically to the instructors or on the first day of class. Thus, access to and ability to use WWW browsers will also be a requirement.

Preparatory Course Assignments

Pre Assignment Cost Modeling Data collection and preparation
  1. Read the Cost Modeling Assignment (note that, in this class, the emphasis will be on COST Analysis under uncertainty ) 
  2. Read the COSTSKEL writeup (note: we will revisit this!)
  3. DO the "Preparatory Assignment" as described in item a (i.e., this is due the first class)

Other materials that may be of interest/help