Intellectual "Property" in the Digital Age
Frank Field
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Apparently you can add a track to DVDs allowing for running commentary


-REC 'Star Wars' Fan Films Come Tumbling Back to Earth
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New York Times; Amy Harmon; April 28, 2002. " Some cultural critics see the emergence of fan films as a return to a participatory form of culture that existed before creative works came to be so tightly protected by copyright. Moreover, in an age when mass media provide the basis of common experience, "Star Wars" and a handful of other cultural icons may have become a kind of shorthand form of communication."
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-REC Lucas Restricts Fan-Made Films To Documentaries, Parodies
[7 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 28th Apr 2002]; April 27, 2002. 'garagekubrick writes: "A great piece at the Houston Chronicle discusses how the community of fan made Star Wars films received a boon in December when Lucasfilm loaned their sponsorship to the event, and George Lucas himself would be a judge. Unfortunately, they've limited the contest to parodies and documentaries , thereby shutting out hundreds of entries. As a Lucas rep says, 'if in fact somebody is using our characters to create a story unto itself, that's not in the spirit of what we think fandom is about. Fandom is about celebrating the story the way it is.' Pretty rich coming from the filmmaker who constantly cites greed as being the root of the dark side, and who keeps discussing the liberating values of digital filmmaking. Guess as long as it doesn't hurt his Empire..."'
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-REC You, Too, Can Be a DVD Movie Critic
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Yahoo Internet Life; Roger Ebert; February, 2002. "I have an idea for a new kind of marriage between film criticism and the Web: Do-it-yourself movie commentary tracks."
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-Alternate Audio Tracks for Movies
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Slashdot; March 25, 2002. The commentary on the startup of an implementation of Ebert's idea is interesting - especially the one toward the end that insists that this is theft.
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-Armchair Movie Criticism and Sound Searches
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New York Times; Pamela LiCalzi O'Connell; May 9, 2002.
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-DVD Format Changing Movie-making
[4 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 8th Apr 2002]; April 7, 2002. Discussion of an LA Times article by Richard Natale, Press Play to Access the Future - "The DVD format has opened up new ways for audiences and future filmmakers to experience movies-some intended and some quite definitely not."
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-DVD Tracks
[7 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 25th Mar 2002] - a try at implementing Ebert's idea - at the moment (3/25/2002), there's only one, but we'll see.
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