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The public author of DeCSS is being prosecuted in Norway


-EFF Article Archive
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Electronic Frontier Foundation - Their collection of materials on the case; press releases, etc.
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-Jon Johansen Indicted by Norwegian Authorities
[1 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 10th Jan 2002]; January 10, 2002. This fellow is the "front"person who publicly released DeCSS, the product of several programmers' work. The commentary, of course, is massive and vehement. There's an article at The Register: DVD hacker Johansen indicted in Norway. This may be the next Sklyarov case since, according to The Register, this action follows requests from the MPAA to prosecute this hacker. UPDATE: There's an article from Norway Cracks Down on DVD Hacker; Declan McCullagh; January 10, 2002 - particularly notable is that fact that (at least at the time I posted this) this Wired article includes a live link to DeCSS source/executables, something that 2600 has been in court for for a looong time!
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-Norwegians scramble for tech savvy DeCSS judge
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The Register; Jphn Leyden; August 13, 2002.

The trial of the teenage Norwegian programmer accused of creating the DeCSS "piracy tool" has been delayed until December 9 this year.

Jon Johansen, who created DeCSS as a utitlity to play DVDs on PCs running on Linux, was due to stand trial for creating the DeCSS programme this summer. But the trial has been put back so that a "technically savvy" judge could be appointed, Greplaw reports.

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-Teen Charged as DVD Film Hacker
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New York Times; Associated Press; January 10, 2002
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