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-A Cool Cellphone Ring as Style Statement, and Promise of Profits
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New York Times; Lisa Napoli; November 7, 2002.
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-Copyright Claims on Telephone Tones
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Slashdot; michael; October 3, 2001. This is too funnny, and possibly legal under the current international copyright law. A couple of Australian composers, with the help of a computer, generated the scores for 100,000,000,000 telephone touch tones, and then claimed the copyright to the sounds. The links are a riot, and it will be interesting to see if there's any fallout!!
UPDATE: Moved to the new cell phone ring tone from Culture:Humor as it has, in fact, heated up!
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-Lords of the Ring-a-Lings
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Washington Post; Christopher Stone; December 25, 2002. Slashdot discussion: Ring Tones Will Save the Music Industry

Ring tones have become big business in the past year, especially in Europe and Japan, where consumers spent about $1 billion to have their phones ring with shrill electronic versions of their favorite tunes. In Japan, an average of 80 million new ring tones are ordered every month, as fans constantly seek out new songs. Europe averages 60 million, according to Anthony Stonefield, chief strategy officer for Moviso LLC, which with Modtones is one of the two major providers of ring tones in the United States.

Cell phone subscribers can purchase new ring tones in two ways: over the Internet or via cell phone. In either case, the new ring is sent to the cell phone over a wireless network and the fee is applied to the next monthly cell phone bill.

Fees are divided among the ring tone providers, cell phone companies and the music labels that control the copyrights to the songs. But the music industry recently has begun demanding a bigger share, arguing that the time spent downloading ring tones boosts demand for the nation's wireless networks and overall revenue for cell phone companies.

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-Ring Tone Royalties
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Slashdot; May 1, 2001. Here's what I get for being technologically backward - I had no idea that those annoying mobile phones that have elaborate rings based on music could be downloaded from the Internet to customize your own phone; now the music industry says they should get a piece of that too.
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-Ring tones spark digital copyright battle
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ZDNet News; Ben Charny; November 1, 2001
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-Ring-tone jingles: Music to U.S. ears?
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ZDNet News; Ben Charny; October 16, 2001. "Several European and Asian sellers of customized cell phone ring tones are set to begin jingling their way into the U.S. market-a potential test of whether using handsets for more than just talking will ever catch on."
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