Intellectual "Property" in the Digital Age
Frank Field
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-REC Ford Testifies to Stop Ride Sharing
[7 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 22nd Aug 2002]

BBSpot; Brian Briggs; August 22, 2002.

After testimony was completed Representatives from Michigan introduced the Driving Solo Enforcement Act of 2002, which aims to curb ride sharing activities by making it illegal to have more than one person in a car at a time. The bill also attempts to stop government support of this activity by closing down car pool lanes. Persons caught sharing rides would be subject to a $2500 and up to 1 year in prison.

Other witnesses before the Transportation Committee testified that people, often foreigners, were selling rides on the street in cars called "taxis". They shared stories of how they paint their cars yellow and cruise the streets looking for potential ride sharers.

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-REC Groucho Marx to Warner Brothers
[12 hits, 2 votes, Average Rating 5.50] [Added: 20th Sep 2002]

When the Marx Brothers were about to make a movie called "A Night in Casablanca," there were threats of legal action from the Warner Brothers, who, five years before, had made a picture called, simply, "Casablanca" (with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman as stars). Whereupon Groucho, speaking for his brothers and himself, immediately dispatched the following letters:

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-REC My Little Comics Collection
[7 hits, 3 votes, Average Rating 1.33] [Added: 7th Sep 2001]

A little set I assembled for this class
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-REC Propaganda Poster
[11 hits, 2 votes, Average Rating 8.50] [Added: 7th Apr 2002]

Modern Humorist - "When you pirate MP3s, You're downloading communism" - a great graphic!
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-2002-05-14; Help Desk; Music, Interrupted
[10 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 14th May 2002]; ; May 14, 2002. A poke at the Celine Dion CD and the copy protection scheme that locks up MacIntosh machines (see more in Technologies : CD & DVD Copy Protection : CD Copy Protection)
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-Aliens Use DMCA to Sue Air Force Over UFOs
[4 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 28th May 2001]

BBSpot; a DMCA humor piece
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-An Open Letter From Metallica
[8 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 14th Jun 2002]

Brunching Shuttlecocks; Lore Fitzgerald Sj÷berg; undated. Terribly funny:

After all, there are thousands of amateur musicians releasing their music on mp3. There are thousands of little local bands that would give up a few organs to have 350,000 people downloading their music. It stands to reason that at least a few of them completely kick our ass, musically speaking. But they don't have that one crucial thing we have: We have millions of dollars going to convince you that we don't suck.

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-Celine Dion in horrific crash
[8 hits, 1 votes, Average Rating 10.00] [Added: 8th Apr 2002]

The Rockall Times; Kieren McCarthy; April 2002. A humorous look at the copy-protected Celine Dion CD that was recently released - "The situation caused an initial flurry of scientific excitement as boffins attempted to prove the PCs had achieved not only an unsuspected level of consciousness but also developed critical faculties. However Dion's music company Sony held up its hand and admitted it was responsible."
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-Copies of Spider-Man 2 Already on the Web
[11 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 31st May 2002]

BBSpot; Brian Biggs; May 31, 2002. A look at the next generation threats exposed by the recent issues surrounding the release of the latest Eminem CD.
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-Dave Barry: Spam beats cafeteria food
[9 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 16th Jul 2002]; Dave Barry; July 13, 2002. Life with the Internet.
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-Dilbert - 2002-08-19
[10 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 19th Aug 2002]

Dilbert; Scott Adams; August 19, 2002. A look at the Evan Brown case
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-DRM Helmets: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
[6 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 11th Jun 2002]

O'Reilly Net; Gordon Moore; June 7, 2002.

he proposed CBDTPA law could require billions of individual "digital media devices" -- every TV, stereo, speaker, PC, walkman, hard drive, monitor, and scanner -- to carry enforcement circuitry -- but there are only 300 million people in the country. Mathematically astute readers will note that's less than 600 million each of eyes and ears.

Further, a single economical helmet can cover four of these analog holes at once!

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-Fight for Your Right to Copy
[6 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 27th Nov 2001]; Song Parody; November 21, 2001.
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-Finally, A Solution to DMCA
[7 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 27th Aug 2001]; August 27, 2001. It's a *joke* for crying out loud! <G>
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-Foxtrot - 2002-09-29
[6 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 1st Oct 2002]; Bill Amend; September 29, 2002. Spoofing P2P files.........
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-Foxtrot; July 26, 2002; CD Piracy
[9 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 26th Jul 2002]

uComics; Bill Amend; July 26, 2002. Following the release of the Coble-Berman legislation.....
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-Foxtrot; March 4, 2002 Comic - CD Copy Protection
[5 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 4th Mar 2002]; Bill Amend; March 4, 2002. Copy protected CDs that won't play in a computer are highlighted in this comic.
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-Freedoms Curtailed in Defense of Libery
[7 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 10th Oct 2001]

The Onion; October 10, 2001 - dead link
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-Future of File-Swapping More Uncertain Than Every
[6 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 7th Mar 2002]

BBSpot; Wil Wheaton; March 6, 2002. A humorous look at the Morpheus/Kazaa blowup.
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-I Can't Stop thinking Comics
[5 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 16th Jun 2001]

Linked through Slashdot
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-Judge OKs Nuclear Strike on Napster
[8 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 23rd Jul 2001]

BBSpot; July, 2001. A different look at Patel's sanctions against Napster.
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-Kid Rock Starves To Death; MP3 Piracy Blamed
[6 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 7th Nov 2002]

The Onion; May 18, 2000.

MP3 piracy of copyrighted music claimed another victim Monday, when the emaciated body of rock-rap superstar Kid Rock was found on the median of La Cienega Boulevard. Above: A malnourished Kid Rock at his last public appearance April 22. Above: A malnourished Kid Rock at his last public appearance April 22.

"How many more artists must die of starvation before we put a stop to this MP3 madness?" asked Hilary Rosen, president of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). "MP3s of Kid Rock's music were so widely traded and downloaded by Napster users that he was driven back to the mean streets from whence he came, dying bankrupt and penniless in the gutter."

When found by police, the 28-year-old Kid Rock, born Bob Ritchie in Detroit, was still clutching the cardboard "Devil Without A Place To Sleep Or Anything To Eat" sign that had been his trademark ever since the rise of Napster's MP3-sharing software bankrupted him in January.

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-Metallica's New Album is Napster-Proof
[8 hits, 1 votes, Average Rating 9.00] [Added: 28th May 2001]

BBSpot; A spoof media spot, with a clever press release here about a new strategy for preventing album sharing
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-Microsoft, Panasonic Partner on New DVD Player
[4 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 17th Jan 2002]

BBSpot; Brian Biggs; January 9, 2002. A subtle one....
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-Microsoft/Intel Outline Future of Computing: Can't Do Shit
[7 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 12th Sep 2002]

BBSpot; September 12, 2002

At a technology conference for developers, representatives from Microsoft and Intel outlined the Can't Do Shit (CDS) Road Map for future cooperative products between the two companies. They predict that in 6 years it will be impossible to violate a copyright with a computer, or to do anything at all for that matter.

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-MP3: The Movie
[5 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 14th May 2001]

A satirical look at copyright enforcement; somewhat less humorous when certain cases are considered. A writeup on CNet describing the movie
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-New Encryption Makes Copying CDs Impossible
[5 hits, 1 votes, Average Rating 10.00] [Added: 23rd Aug 2001]

BBSpot; August 21, 2001. "Major record labels are queuing up to voice their support for MicroBlinker's new CD encryption technology which they say renders audio CDs impervious to pirating. Called NoAudio, it sets the standard in CD copy protection. The scrambling technology works by taking the audio signal and applying MicroBlinker's patented TotalAttenuation algorithm to prevent the audio content from being, 'ripped'."
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-New Law Protects Free Speech
[7 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 3rd Aug 2001]; August 2, 2001. A sardonic press release - "The Free Speech Protection Act [FSPA] ensures free speech by encrypting the first amendment and only allowing properly licensed corporations and individuals to use it."
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-RIAA Cracks Down After Taliban Ousted
[7 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 16th Nov 2001]

BBSpot; November 15, 2001. Music is being played!
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-RIAA Sues Radio Stations For Giving Away Free Music
[5 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 2nd Oct 2002]

The Onion; Octoer 2, 2002.

"It's criminal," RIAA president Hilary Rosen said. "Anyone at any time can simply turn on a radio and hear a copyrighted song. Making matters worse, these radio stations often play the best, catchiest song off the album over and over until people get sick of it. Where is the incentive for people to go out and buy the album?"

According to Rosen, the radio stations acquire copies of RIAA artists' CDs and then broadcast them using a special transmitter, making it possible for anyone with a compatible radio-wave receiver to listen to the songs.

"These radio stations are extremely popular," Rosen said. "They flagrantly string our songs together in 'uninterrupted music blocks' of up to 70 minutes in length, broadcasting nearly one CD's worth of product without a break, and they actually have the gall to allow businesses to advertise between songs. It's bad enough that they're giving away our music for free, but they're actually making a profit off this scheme."

RIAA attorney Russell Frackman said the lawsuit is intended to protect the artists.

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-RIAA Wants Background Checks on CD-RW Buyers
[6 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 30th Oct 2001]; October 29, 2001
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-Sherriff Adobe Gets His Man
[9 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 3rd Aug 2001];; July 21, 2001. A satirical take on the Sklyarov arrest.
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-Sony Music Lobbies for Ban on Markers
[9 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 23rd May 2002]

BBSpot; Brian Briggs; May 22, 2002. More on CD copy protection!
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-Tune BlockTM
[9 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 14th Jun 2002]

Brunching Shuttlecocks; Lore Fitzgerald Sj÷berg; June 2002.

The bold new music recording technology that will protect artists' rights while actually enhancing your music experience.

Starting in a very short while, all new music published by RIAA members will feature TuneBlockTM, a method whereby special harmonics included in the songs will erase all memory of the melody, chords, and words from your mind shortly after you hear it, leaving nothing but a pleasant sensation of having enjoyed something.

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-What do Americans think of the DMCA?
[7 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 2nd Aug 2001]; July, 2001. A supposed infographic showing a "poll" result.
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-Windows, Windows Everywhere
[7 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 13th Aug 2001]

Los Angeles Times; Dave Wilson; August 9, 2001. What might happen if Microsoft actually gets what it wants....
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