Intellectual "Property" in the Digital Age
Frank Field
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Relationships between the US construction of IP and that of other countries can also be a source of controversy.

· EU Copyright Directive, 2001 (8/8)


-REC Copyright and Copy Protection in Japan
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kuro5hin; March 16, 2002. "So far, the debate over file sharing services, copyrighted music, and copy protected music has been largely restricted to the United States. Napster originated in the United States, most of its descendants have originated in the United States, and most of the waves that it created within the intellectual property industry have been felt in the United States. But in just the last couple of months, that has changed. In January, the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) and similar Japanese intellectual property groups took notice of a Japanese file sharing program that had only been around since November and have since made up for nearly two years of controversy, almost reaching the current state of the debate in the United States (the birthplace of this ridiculous mess) in just over sixty days." With links to the relevant Japanese organs on the recording, artist and file sharing sides of the equation.
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-REC Economic and Constitutional Influences on Copyright Law in the United States
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(citation unknown) ; Pamela Samuelson; 2001 (forthcoming). An interesting essay specifically constructed to contrast the US construction of copyright law with that of many European nations.
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-REC Globalization of Information: Intellectual Property Law Implications
[20 hits, 1 votes, Average Rating 3.00] [Added: 16th Jan 2002]; Kim Nayyer; January 2002, issue 7,1. A look at the global intellectual property regimes and the implications for the digital realm. Extensive bibliography into the backgound documents. A good resource, based on her thesis work
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-Announcement of Roundtable Meeting
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The announcement of a Public Roundtable on Intellectual Property Aspects of a Draft Convention on Jurisdiction and Foreign Judgments; Federal Register; April 23, 2001; V 16; No 78; pp.20482-20483) - see discussions of this meeting in the IP Controversies Category
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-Can the World Be Copyrighted?
[24 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 26th Feb 2002]; Brad King; February 26, 2002. A discussion piece on the WIPO and the implied extension of US copyright concepts worldwide.
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-Canada DMCA Opponents WWW Page
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A WWW site to coordinate discussion and action against the pending Canadian government copyright law amendments/revisions to mirror the DMCA
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-Copyright aided by new law
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Middle East Times; Cam McGrath;

More controversial, however, is Article 148, which stipulates that copyright material in a foreign language becomes public domain if it is not translated into Arabic within a given period.

While the idea behind the article may have been to encourage authors to quickly translate their books, Loutfi is alarmed that after three years "anyone can translate it into Arabic without paying any indemnity."

Slashdot laughs - And ZDnet has their own version of the Australian story
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-Cybercrime and Patents in Europe
[24 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 9th Nov 2001]; November 9, 2001. The new cybercrime treaty and the patentability of computer programs - European links and community discussion
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-Debate on Intellectual Property
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New York Times; Steve Lohr; October 14, 2002.

In the 19th century, the United States was both a rapidly industrializing nation and as Charles Dickens, among others, knew all too well a bold pirate of intellectual property.

But these days, when it comes to dealing with developing nations around the world, the United States seems to be ignoring its own swashbuckling heritage. Or at least that's the implication of a recent report by the international Commission on Intellectual Property Rights. The report recommends that the World Trade Organization's treaty on intellectual property rights be made much more flexible so that developing nations, from Brazil to Bangladesh, can adopt rules more at their own pace.

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-Dow Jones Appeals Net Ruling
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Wired; Associated press; September 19, 2001. Dow Jones files their appeal to the Australian court's ruling that their Internet posting of a story published in New York (in Barrons) can be grounds for a defamation suit in Canberra.
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-Foreign Trade Information System List of IP Laws Worldwide
[36 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 20th Aug 2001], Foreign Trade Information System. WWW links to legislation worldwide
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-Global Net Piracy Act date Looms
[25 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 21st Feb 2002]; Reuters; February 21, 2002. The WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty takes effect May 20, 2002, following ratification on February 20th by Honduras, the 30th country to do so.
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-Introduction the the Canada DMCA Opponents forum
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LinuxToday; August 5, 2001.
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-New World Order, Copyright Style
[29 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 11th Sep 2001]; Jeffrey Benner; September 11, 2001. The Hague Convention is leading to a reciprocal copyright legislation environment that people are suggesting will be a violation of free speech in the US.
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-One Net, One Law?
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Internet News; Staff; June 27, 2001.
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-The Anti-Copyright Crusader
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The Ottawa Citizen; Peter Hum; April 4, 2002. "His appearance there is a natural, given that he is one of Canada's foremost online opponents against restrictive digital copyright legislation. His Web site,, is chock full of his writings and other articles criticizing digital copyright developments and proposals, which he generally regards as a power grab by entertainment giants such as Disney and the Universal Music Group -- greedy groping which will harm consumers and technology at large." A Canadian controvery a-brewin'.
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-The DMCA Is Just The Beginning
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Slashdot; August 19, 2001. "With the Sklyarov-case still fresh in memory, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) wants to rally up against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) in order to preserve privacy and freedom of speech." With links and community commentary.
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-Tougher penalties for UK copyright thieves
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The Register; John Leyden; July 30, 2002.

A Bill which increases the maximum penalty for copyright theft in the UK from two years to 10 years has become law.

The Private Member's Bill, introduced by Liberal Democrat MP Dr Vincent Cable, also gives the authorities increased provision to obtain search warrants and powers to seize goods.

The Copyright etc and Trade Marks (Offences and Enforcement) Bill passed smoothly through both houses of Parliament before receiving Royal Assent last Friday. It will be in force in the Autumn.

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-U.K. looks to copy DMCA
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ZDNet News; Matt Loney; August 12, 2002.

The United Kingdom is preparing its own version of a digital anti-piracy law, following the publication of proposals designed to implement the European Union Copyright Directive.

... Significant parts of the law include new legal protection for digital watermarks, copy protection systems and other measures used to protect copyright material online. There are also new propopsals aimed at combating Internet piracy. But the most contentious part of the new rules is that which mirrors the DMCA's outlawing of devices intended to circumvent anti-copying technologies.

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-UN: Net Music Treaty to Take Effect
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New York Times; Associated Press; February 21, 2002
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-US Intellectual Property Law Goes Global
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From Slashdot; a description of a Public Roundtable on Intellectual Property Aspects of a Draft Convention on Jurisdiction and Foreign Judgments; an LoC roundtable to discuss the Hague Convention, attended by many of the Slashdot Community, including R Stallman; with community discussions
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-Web Copyright Treaty Set for March
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Findlaw's Write; Cyberspace News; Alexander G. Higgins, AP Wire; December 7, 2001
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-Why the Hague Convention on JUrisdiction Threatens to Strangle E-Commerce and Internet Free Speech
[22 hits, 1 votes, Average Rating 10.00] [Added: 27th Sep 2001]

Findlaw's Writ; Chris Sprigman; September 27, 2001
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-WIPO Music Control Treaty Ratified
[22 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 23rd Feb 2002]; February 23, 2002. Slashdot finally catches up with the press on the treaty
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-WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty
[31 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 13th Aug 2002]

World Intellectual Property Organization; December 23, 2002. Also more material here
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-WIPO Treates in Intellectual Propoerty
[20 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 13th Aug 2002]; "This group of treaties defines internationally agreed basic standards of intellectual property protection in each country."
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-World intellectual-property treaty set to enter force
[23 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 8th Dec 2001]; Rick Perera; December 7, 2001. "An international treaty designed to protect copyright holders in the 'digital age' is ready to become law, now that 30 countries, including Japan and the United States, have ratified it." A disturbing implementation of the peculiar interpretation of copying in the digital realm - "The new pact clarifies 'that the right of reproduction as we know it in the analogue world also applies' to the Internat and digital media, Blomqvisst said. 'So when you copy a work from a hard disk to a server, it is a reproduction." Also discusses the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty, digital rights of sound producers and performers.... There's a Slashdot discussion here: World Copyright Treaty Coming Soon
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