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-REC Love's Manifesto (also known as Courtney Does the Math)
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From the Hole WWW site; Courtney Love's take on the economics of record-making and why the record industry needs to change.
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-Courtney Love's big Sacramento adventure
[37 hits, 1 votes, Average Rating 1.00] [Added: 6th Sep 2001]; Anthony York; September 6, 2001. A hearing on the "service for hire" provisions of music contracts in California
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-Courtney Love's Legal Action Against the Record Companies
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You can find her complaint here (it's a PDF file)
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-David vs. Goliath to a Rock Beat
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New York Times; David Strauss; October 3, 2002.

It is not easy for a musician to fight the music business alone. Few have tried, and far fewer have succeeded. When Courtney Love filed a lawsuit against the Universal Music Group last year, threatening to expose record company contracts and accounting practices, it seemed as if some of the longtime grievances of musicians would finally have their day in court.

Other artists were expected to follow and support Ms. Love. None, however, did. Nonetheless, the tenacious Ms. Love, who has an itchy trigger for lawsuits, vowed to go it alone.

After a protracted legal battle, though, Ms. Love settled her lawsuit against Universal this week, before the case went to court.

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-Judge Nixes Courtney Love's Legal Challenge
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Billboard; Jonathan Cohen; May 31, 2002. (We'll try this - I'm not sure how long Billboard news stays online)

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has thrown out Courtney Love's challenge to a California labor code as part of her lawsuit against Universal Music Group and Geffen Records. Judge Fumiko Wasserman yesterday (May 30) overturned an earlier U.S. Court of Appeals ruling that California's "seven-year" statute -- which Love claimed is unfair because it binds recording artists to contracts longer than those of other workers -- be included in the suit.

...The seven-year statute is at the core of an ongoing debate between labels and artists. Sen. Kevin Murray (D-Culver City) is seeking legislation that would strike the amendment, meaning artists who exit a label after seven years could no longer be sued for damages for undelivered albums. Murray did not return calls by deadline.

A local PDF, just in case...
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-Nirvana song is 'Right' for radio
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Boston Globe; Joan Anderman; October 4, 2002. [local PDF]

Courtney Love, widow of Kurt Cobain, and the surviving members of Nirvana had been locked in a long legal battle over the rights to the band's music. Concurrently, Love filed a lawsuit against Universal Music Group last year to terminate her band Hole's recording contract, charging the label with fraudulent business practices. Nirvana was signed to a Universal-owned label as well.

This week Love settled her lawsuit against Universal before the case went to court. As part of the settlement, Universal freed Love from her record deal and gave her ownership of unreleased Hole music; in exchange, the label can sell a series of long-awaited Nirvana packages - which was given the go-ahead from Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, the surviving members of Nirvana. Love, Grohl, and Novoselic announced the settlement of their dispute over the band's musical legacy on Monday.

''It involved lots and lots of money,'' Love told Howard Stern.

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