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-REC Microsoft's Digital Rights Management--A Little Deeper
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BSD Vault; Dittohead; June 28, 2002. A look at the latest MS Media Player EULA reveals some distressing features:

Digital Rights Management (Security). You agree that in order to protect the integrity of content and software protected by digital rights management ("Secure Content"), Microsoft may provide security related updates to the OS Components that will be automatically downloaded onto your computer. These security related updates may disable your ability to copy and/or play Secure Content and use other software on your computer. If we provide such a security update, we will use reasonable efforts to post notices on a web site explaining the update.

Slashdot discussion: Microsoft Media Player "Security Patch" Changes EULA Big Time - The Register has a piece: MS security patch EULA gives Billg admin privileges on your box
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-Hiding behind EULA's skirts, an ethically challenged policy
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Infoworld; Carlton Vogt; October 15, 2001
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-Microsoft EULA asks for root rights - again
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The Register; Andrew Orlowski; August 2, 2002. Slashdot discussion: More MS EULA Fun
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-Microsoft EULA stokes crusade
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Slashdot; June 21, 2001. A new end user license agreement (EULA) on a piece of Microsoft software raises the temperature of the debate a little bit more. With links and community discussion.
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-MS FrontPage Restricts Free Speech II (It's True!)
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Slashdot; September 21, 2001. A Slashdor reader decided to follow up on the rumors that the EULA for MS FrontPage 2002 states that it cannot be used to produce content for a WWW site that is critical of Microsoft or its partners. So, he bought a copy and read the fine print........
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-Sneaky service packs
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InfoWorld; Brian Livingston; September 3, 2002.

One thing you can't get around, however -- and a big reason for the latest fears -- is Microsoft's DRM (digital rights management) scheme. This built-in XP feature silently downloads and installs "revocation lists." These lists prevent "revoked" programs from playing DRM-encoded content.

The idea of giving any outside company the ability to remotely turn off something that previously worked on your computer strikes many as lunacy.

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