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-REC A Boxed Set in One File? Online Music Finds a Way
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New York Times; Neil Strauss; February 25, 2002. A surprisingly naive article on the subject of ZIPping a block of MP3 files together, along with other content like liner notes and cover art, and distributing them on the P2P networks - AudioGalaxy and Morpheus. This is described as some new threat, which is preposterous. But it does offer some insight into the degree to which basic digital processing is somehow magical to the masses.
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-REC AudioGalaxy is now Rhapsody
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Slashdot discussion: Audiogalaxy Returns as Pay Service
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-REC File sharing after Audiogalaxy
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CNet News; Eliot Van Buskirk; June 21, 2002.

The RIAA's settlement with Audiogalaxy calls to mind at least two ghosts of file sharing's past. First, there's the ghost of Napster, which is still hampered by an ongoing lawsuit with the RIAA even as it tries to build a service that will appease the record industry. Second, it recalls the specter of's Beam-It service, which streamed music to users who inserted a hard copy of a CD containing those songs into their drives--something I still can't believe that the labels fought.

... How will consumers react to these developments? At this very moment, ex-Audiogalaxy users are e-mailing friends and asking what service they should switch to. As many former Napster users did, these folks will start moving toward those very decentralized networks that the RIAA has been tolerating out of necessity. Eventually, those users will flee to networks that are even harder to shut down than Gnutella, such as the nascent Freenet network. Theory four, outlined above, is clearly against the labels' best interests, and yet their actions are causing exactly that scenario.

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-Audiogalaxy in RIAA crosshairs
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CNet News; John Borland; May 24, 2002. " Filed in federal court in New York, the suit charges that Audiogalaxy's efforts to filter access to copyrighted songs have been ineffective. As a result, free-ranging access to copyrighted works through the system has gone unchecked--much as once happened with Napster, the industry group contends." Slashdot discussion: RIAA Sues Audiogalaxy
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-Audiogalaxy Muffled by Legal Setback, Mum on Plans
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Washington Post; Daniel Koenig; July 10, 2002.

Back in 1999, Audiogalaxy was a thriving Internet business on its way to drawing millions of visitors a month to swap MP3 files and read reviews of music both obscure and esteemed.

Now the Austin-based Web site appears all but shut down, silenced by a recording industry copyright infringement lawsuit.

But it does have a legacy: the gradual, tentative steps currently being taken by some of the music labels toward offering uncomplicated MP3 downloads.

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-Music Industry Sues Napster-Like Firm
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New York Times; Associated Press; May 24, 2002. "The recording and music publishing industries extended their legal pursuit of online music swapping firms Friday, suing Audiogalaxy for copyright infringement."
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-Napster rival find file-trading convert
[1 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 15th Jun 2001]; Gwendolyn Mariano; June 14, 2001. A discussion of Audiogalaxy
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-R.I.P. AudioGalaxy
[1 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 22nd Jun 2002]; June 21, 2002.

As you've probably already heard, Audiogalaxy decided to settle out of court with the RIAA for a lot of money and now is blocking ALL songs. While I'm sure they're working on ways to stay in business, I'm guessing that most of their users will be gone within a couple of weeks.

I was a programmer at Audiogalaxy for almost two years; read on to learn about the history of Audiogalaxy and hear my opinion about why Audiogalaxy was a cut above the rest of the peer-to-peer apps.

Update: Slashdot pick it up finally: The AudioGalaxy Story
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-RIAA, NMPA Reach Settlement With
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RIAA; Press Release; June 17, 2002.

The settlement reached would allow Audiogalaxy to operate a "filter-in" system, which requires that for any music available, the songwriter, music publisher, and/or recording company must first consent to the use and sharing of the work. The other key provision of the agreement is for Audiogalaxy to pay the music publishers and recording industry a substantial sum based on Audiogalaxy's assets and interest in resolving this case quickly.

Slashdot discussion: AudioGalaxy Reaches Settlement With the RIAA - LawMeme coverage: Audiogalaxy Settles with the RIAA
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-Spyware, In A Galaxy Near You
[2 hits, 0 votes, Average Rating 0] [Added: 24th Jan 2002]; Jeffrey Benner; January 24, 2002. Audiogalaxy and spyware criticisms - VX2 is watching??
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