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-REC Microsoft winds up on both ends of software piracy stick
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NewsForge; Tina Gasperson; May 8, 2002. "Did you know Microsoft was convicted of software piracy last year by a French court? Not many people do. The Commercial Court of Nanterre fined Microsoft 3 million francs because it illegally included another company's proprietary source code in SoftImage 3D, a top-of-the-line animation package." Dr. Villaneuva Nunez' letter is cited and linked, as are other resources - also in IP Controversies : Software Piracy
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- Update: Ending Microsoft FUD: An Interview with Peruvian Congressman Villanueva
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LinuxToday; Dee-Ann LeBlanc; May 21, 2002. "Peruvian Congressman Villanueva's reply, written on April 8, 2002, has raised him practically to folk hero status amongst the open source community almost overnight. With eloquence and a strong attention to fact and detail, this letter manages to point by point rebut the many incorrect and even conflicting assertions made by González. Dr. Villanueva uses a matter-of-fact approach that simply tells it like it is, and is difficult to argue with--especially since the letter contains a reminder of Microsoft's own conviction of software piracy in France in 2001, which had until now escaped the attention of the North American press."
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-Microsoft's Big Stick in Peru
[4 hits, 1 votes, Average Rating 10.00] [Added: 27th Jul 2002]; Agustin d'Empaire; July 26, 2002.

Afraid that Peru may adopt a bill decreeing the use of open-source software in all government systems, Microsoft apparently enlisted the American ambassador in Lima to help try and convince the Peruvians to kill the legislation.

... Congressman Edgar Villanueva, the bill's chief sponsor, said he considers Hamilton's letter to be "overt pressure" on Peru by the United States and Microsoft. If so, the letter would continue the long-standing U.S. tradition of meddling in Latin American affairs, political analysts say.

In his June letter, Hamilton said that while the United States doesn't oppose the development of open-source software, it prefers to support a free market where the quality of the product can determine the issue.

...Microsoft's Andean subsidiary claims that the cost of converting state systems will be huge no matter which software is adopted. But the open sourcers argue that replacing the pirated software that currently runs most systems with duly licensed programs like those of Microsoft would be far more expensive. It's the cost factor, along with the bullying factor, that gives the government pause.

Slashdot discussion: Microsoft's Big Stick in Peru
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-Text of Microsoft letter
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The letter to Nunez, a Microsoft effort to drive away support for Peru's legilative proposal to require open source software in all government operations.
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-Text of Nunez' Letter
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One of many online sources of Dr. Villanueva Nunez' letter
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-The positive things happening in Peru
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Advogato; July 13, 2002. Followups and links.
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