Intellectual "Property" in the Digital Age
Frank Field
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-REC Copyright protection: not more but different
[6 hits, 56 votes, Average Rating 0.45] [Added: 4th Apr 2002]

Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis; Jacco Hakfoort. "The decline in the marginal cost of copying and the improved quality of copies has led the industry to call for additional copyright legislation and enforcement. The purpose of this study is to assess this claim."
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-REC MP3 2001 in Review: The Losers
[9 hits, 17 votes, Average Rating 0.59] [Added: 2nd Jan 2002]

MP3 Newswire; Richard Menta; December 31, 2001. A summary state of the industry; with a companion piece on The Winners
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-REC Mr. and Mrs. Geek Go To Washington
[9 hits, 17 votes, Average Rating 0.29] [Added: 19th Apr 2002]; Paul Boutin; April 19, 2002. The formation of GeekPAC and the American Open Technology Consortium is discussed, with links provided. Reactions to DMCA, CDBTPA, etc. are cited as getting these groups started. Eric Raymond, "Doc" Searls and others. 'Searls said he thinks legislators simply don't understand enough about technology to realize the full impact of legislation proposed by lobbyists for entertainment, telecom and other industries. "I just want to bring sense to it -- that's what lobbyists do," he said. "They corner these people (in Congress) and get some time with them and say, 'You see this here? This is dumb. This is smart.'"'
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-REC Music Services Aren't Napster, but the Industry Still Cries Foul
[9 hits, 17 votes, Average Rating 0.24] [Added: 17th Apr 2002]

New York Times; Matt Richter; April 17, 2002. A look at the state of play in the digital music controversy
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-REC The State of Online Music 2001
[14 hits, 17 votes, Average Rating 0.41] [Added: 4th Sep 2001]

Jupiter Media Metrix; featured report; June 26, 2001
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-Congress Sees Rise in Tech-Related Legislation
[12 hits, 20 votes, Average Rating 1.40] [Added: 6th Feb 2002]

Los Angeles Times; Jube Shriver, Jr.; February 5, 2002. With a quote from a TPP alum, Alan Davidson.
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-Digital Rights Gain A Foothold
[18 hits, 15 votes, Average Rating 0.60] [Added: 30th May 2001]

Wired: Brad King; May 30, 2001. Announcement and analysis of a partnership between Reciprocal and NetPD to greate a secure online content delivery system - a trusted server system?
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-Hailstorm: Open Web Services Controlled By Microsoft
[8 hits, 14 votes, Average Rating 0.00] [Added: 30th May 2001]; Clay Shirkey; May 30, 2001. A new look at a use of copyright. There's a Slashdot discussion here
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-Protecting Intellectual Property
[14 hits, 15 votes, Average Rating 0.00] [Added: 20th Feb 2002]

New York Times; Sarah Milstein; February 18, 2002. Defensive publication of a concept instead of spending the money to patent it is getting a little more credible, according tot his article.
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-Sony PS2 To Sport Netscape and SSL
[13 hits, 20 votes, Average Rating 2.40] [Added: 30th May 2001]

Slashdot; May 30, 2001. What's really going on here? Is this the start of pay-for-play on PS2s?
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