Working Outline - First Case Block - Frank Field

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Session Readings Assignments
Ethics in Science and Technology
  • (Either F= dp/dt or it doesn't, right? What else do I need to know?)
  • Hugh Gusterson?
  Prepare the kidney case
Kidney Case  
Intellectual Property and the US Government
  1. Legislation - Copyright
  2. Case Law of Copyright - An Evolving Construct
  3. Economic Constructs - Rationale for Development of Intellectual Property
  4. Enforcement of Copyright; Technology and Other Mechanisms
  5. Personal Perspectives
Some commentaries on digital culture
Napster Case
  1. Napster
  2. Some of the Players
  3. The Anti-Napster Positions
  4. "Pro-Napster" Positions
  5. The Technological Fallout - Mechanisms Developed To Further An Agenda
  6. Public Opinions
  7. A Couple Of Points On Why People May Not Like the Record Companies
  8. Something that confuses me personally - the Apple Rip. Mix. Burn. ad campaign (the long version - QuickTime 4 required to see them online). Think about it - although there is an explicit difference here, doesn't it seem that the "Burn" part can be switched to "Share" ?? Here's an article on the advertisments from Slate. And here's an article from Feed on the digital culture fallout and implications from this.
  9. Apparently, making digital copies is not the only threat to the industry. They are also out to stop the publishing of home-made tablatures (fingering maps for people who want to learn how to play songs). See Howard Sacks talks about dispute with NMPA; more from the site itself; the Slashdot discussion
  10. Some Archival Lists on the Controversy
  11. Music copying/taping in the pre-Napster era; The Grateful Dead, their free taping policies; and the culture that has sprung up around it; The Deadlists; Resources for Tapers Dead List; The Grateful Dead statement on MP3s;
  12. News Archives
  13. The EFF's Open Audio License; the slashdot discussion
  14. Other stuff: Microsoft: Prizes for Rat Finks; the slashdot discussion
  15. With the MS push to tell us about the evils of open source, here comes Linus Torvalds to put in his own two cents - the start of a nasty fight, methinks; although there's really something a lot deeper going on, as Lessig's book Code explains; here's one perspective with a bunch of links to the start of the dynamic; a slashdot discussion of a followup editorial; an article from The Economist - An Open and Shut Case, May 10, 2001
  16. Doesn an Anti-Piracy Plan Quash the First Amendment? - NYTimes; April 27, 2001; Questioning Continues in Copyright Suit
  17. The PETA Controversy - Does a Parody Site go Too Far?
  18. A rant of my own
anything else?    
All your base are belong to us; Launch every 'ZIG'; For great justice; the history of "All Your Base" The Globe Article