ESD.10 - Introduction to Technology and Policy
Fall 2001

Frank Field
by lecture session
Block 2: Ethics, Equity and Digital Distribution
For September 14 session

Kidney Allocations and Discussion
For September 19 session

Equity, Efficiency
  • Policy Paradox: The Art of Political Decision Making, Revised Edition; Deborah Stone; W. W. Norton & Co.; New York; 2001 - Chapters 2 & 3 **
  • Overheads (PDF) from the September 19 lecture
For September 21 session

US Copyright Law; The Notion of Intellectual Property
For September 24 session

Napster versus the RIAA
  • Code, and Other Laws of Cyberspace; Lawrence Lessig; Basic Books; New York; 1999 - Part 1: Chapters 1-5
  • How Napster Works; ***
  • Courtney Does the Math; Courtney Love; Hole WWW Site ***
  • Draft Overheads for Class (PDF) - usual caveats
For September 26 session

The Architecture Metaphor:
Technology As Policy (or Its Handmaiden)

Note: While this may look like a daunting list of readings, the readings from Policy Paradox, Code, the Barlow essay and the Courtney Love article are the ones that require major thinking - the others are newspaper articles or short thought pieces that are included to spice up the reading list.

Interested students are directed to the online WWW index compiled by Dr. Field over the past 9 months containing many resources on the subject. The use of the Search feature is highly recommended, as Dr. Field is not much of a librarian <GG>.

The Culture : Humor area is highly recommended.

* Not attached -- in required text or on reserve
** Attached/Supplied
*** Web link